Trust Launches CNG Open Bid with Industry Forum Details

The Chicago Infrastructure Trust has launched a Competitive Open Bidding process for its Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”) initiative. The program’s objective is to create a compelling network of CNG stations that enable vehicle operators to fuel in the City of Chicago. The Trust will play a special, intermediary role and enter into a Master Development Agreement with the selected partner(s), who will have individual agreements with participating fleets. The Trust’s responsibility will be to secure an aggregated CNG fuel demand commitment for the selected fueling partner(s). The Trust will acquire City-owned vacant lots where appropriate and available to establish the foundation for an entire network of CNG infrastructure.

Fueling station provider proposals are due on or before Friday, May 29, 2015 at 5pm CST.

The Trust will also host a CNG Program Industry Forum, and more details are available here.

The complete CNG Open Bid Proposal is here.