Metal Reclamation


The Metal Reclamaition Initiative aims to remove unwanted steel by-product from the sites of once productive steel mills, creating a new revenue stream and supporting the City’s sustainability goals.



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Metal Reclamation Details

Metal Reclamation Details

Chicago’s south side was once home to many of the largest steel mills in the U.S. As part of the manufacturing process, many of the steel mills discarded/buried steel and byproducts locally. The Trust’s goal is to collaborate with a third party to remove unwanted steel from the ground, support the City and Parks sustainability goals by enhancing public spaces and deliver a revenue stream to the City/Trust.

The Trust, working with the Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago, has identified approximately 400 acres of land (e.g., Former US Steel, Big Marsh, etc.) that was previously home to Chicago’s steel mills.  Ensured the land will be returned to its pre-project and/or enhanced state and provide a revenue stream to the City/Trust, the Trust has received an unsolicited proposal to extract metal from City and Chicago Park District land.

Open Bidding Process

The Trust, the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, are committed to partnering with the best organization to extract metal from land within the City. The Trust is commencing an Open Bidding Process on this proposal.

Any party that wishes to offer its proposal for this program is invited to do so at by July 8, 2015 at 12 PM CST. If the Trust receives additional proposals from interested parties (other than from the proponent of the initial unsolicited proposal) as a result of this open bidding process, it will select the best candidate(s) from the pool of interested parties. All interested parties are encouraged to apply and clearly state at a minimum the following:

  • Scope of work;
  • A description of the process to locate and extract metal, including timeframes/duration;
  • Capabilities and qualifications for participating in this transaction;
  • Proven track record in extracting metal – i.e., provide sample projects and references, including a record of negotiating and complying with municipal entities, and legal and environmental compliance;
  • Comply with the Trust procurement manual and MBE/WBE requirements;
  • Define proposed financial arrangement between your organization and the Chicago Infrastructure Trust – i.e., revenue sharing percentages, anticipated revenue per ton, etc.;
  • Additional value added services that your organization can provide – e.g., ability to enhance/contour land, deploy bike trails, etc.;
  • The process which your organization will utilize to scale your extraction process;
  • Ability to accept all legal liabilities associated with the excavation of City of Chicago’s and Chicago Park District owned land;
  • List any restrictions – i.e., limitations on ability to perform;
  • Company information – e.g., Company name, ownership structure, name of owners, revenue and earnings/losses for the last three fiscal years, the date company was founded, financial condition of company, ability to provide audited financial statements, etc.

Metal Reclamation Timeline


Open Bidding Process opens.

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